Intuitive Communicator &
President of Class Act Connections 

Throughout the years people have contacted Joyce for a “listening ear” and because of her non-judgmental responses to their questions and concerns, people have asked her to become more involved with their professional and personal lives.  She currently offers services in the following areas:

  • Consulting based on Intuitive Guidance
  • Co-creating Professional & Personal Branding Strategies
  • Teaching Unique Professional/Personal Growth Tools
  • Listening Sessions to Learn Through Un-edited Speaking  

During the earlier years of her public relations business, Joyce attracted clients who were interested in developing awareness of their services in other countries and new markets.  Joyce gained awareness for their products and services through gaining media attention, speaking engagements, seminars, article and book writing and a variety of other methods.  When social media entered the PR world, Joyce decided that she still enjoyed her passion of working with entrepreneurs and individuals on a “face-to-face” basis and opted out of expanding into the social media world to promote herself and her clients.
Her vast experience in all areas of communication and her tenure on the Communications Committee of The Globe and Mail, along with memberships with the International Association of Business Communicators, Halton-Peel Communicators Association, and the Canadian Professional Sales Association have provided her with the knowledge and acumen to help her clients with multiple aspects of their business.

Joyce’s mission is to help her clients manifest their success through enhancing the talents they are currently using, identifying their hidden talents and maximizing them, and teaching them tools they can use in their business and personal lives to achieve their dreams and aspirations.  Joyce is well-known for her persistence, gently nudging encouragement and in-depth enthusiasm when assisting and cheering her clients on to achieve high levels of professional and personal success.

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